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Instant Online Estimator – New Home Design

    • An exciting and unique feature offered by Takitani Construction is our Maui custom home design services. With our partner designers and architect, we create innovative and custom new home designs. What that means to you is that instead of hiring an independent architect at a much higher cost to draw up your plans, Takitani Construction will listen to your ideas and needs, then our partner architect will create a custom home design within budget. Or, if you prefer, we also offer pre-designed free home plans, such as those shown here. Call us at 808-244-3910 to find out how to get your free home plans.

    • Our custom home design service is also an efficient way to complete your project, especially if you desire a unique, custom home design. After creating the design for your home construction or home remodeling project and drafting thorough job specifications, we complete structural engineering (if necessary) to obtain the required building permits. Then our production department schedules all the trades and orders the materials needed to complete your project. This streamlines the entire process so your project runs smoothly and efficiently.

    • Another benefit to using our Maui custom design service is that the local building departments are familiar with our comprehensive plans and the Takitani Construction name.

  • With the Takitani custom design service, our clients can rest assured that their home construction or home remodeling will be completed professionally with all of the necessary permits. We employ the finest craftspeople and use high quality materials on every project we undertake.
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