Tips to Build on Your Maui Lot (Continued)

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Designing the Ideal Home for Your Lot

Many of the construction companies that specialize in building on their clients’ lots have libraries of premade floor plans. An existing plan may be perfectly suited for what you have in mind and the money you plan to spend. Alternatively, you may prefer to alter a home plan to better fit with the lot’s character and topography; this kind of alteration may be done to improve a view or so that you can keep fully grown trees, or maybe you will want to improve your home’s capacity to get heat from the sun.

Some homebuyers prefer to invest in a custom home plan drawn from scratch rather than use or modify a premade one. A custom floor plan may be a better reflection of their design choices and their lot’s unique qualities.

Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Homebuilder to Build on Your Lot

These factors can help you to choose the right homebuilder:

1. The homebuilder should have a lot of experience with building on a customer’s land. There are homebuilders who build mainly in established communities that have all the essential infrastructure already installed (electrical, gas, water, sewer, etc.). Other homebuilders have expertise in building on land that has none of that infrastructure and requires improvement. Some have experience in both types of construction. Make sure your builder has the necessary expertise to build on your lot.

2. Your homebuilder should have a range of floor plans and they should have the ability to customize a floor plan to suit your lot.

3. The homebuilder you choose should be able to buy in quantity so that you can get quality materials and appliances at the lowest possible prices. The money they save should result in savings for you as well. Savings can include lower prices for electrical and plumbing fixtures, flooring materials and your appliances.

4. Choose a homebuilder who will stand behind their work with solid warranties in place. For example, they should have at least a 2 year warranty program that includes coverage on workmanship.

You Will be Glad You Did it

Having a custom home on your chosen lot is now an important part of the American dream. Buying a lot and then building a fully or partially customized home has become a common way for people to express their individuality.

When a prospective homeowner hires a homebuilder with experience in building on their clients’ lots, they save themselves the trouble of finding and hiring an architect and general contractor. The right homebuilder will help you to assess the site, find floor plans and with getting the right permits; they will also coordinate the construction and some may even be able to help getting you the financing.