Guide to Building a Home on Maui (final page)

home building process on maui 3


A Step-by-Step Guide to the Home Building Process on Maui (continued from part 3)


8. Installation of Bathroom Fixtures; Mechanical Trim:

Outlets, light fixtures, all switches installed, the electrical panel box is now completed. The HVAC contractor will install the air conditioning system and registers are completed. The faucets, toilets, and sinks will all be installed.

9. Exterior Landscaping, Flooring, Mirrors, Shower Doors Completed:

Shower doors, mirrors, and any carpeting will be installed. This is where the final clean up is going to take place. The landscaping contractors will install any grass, shrubs, and trees on the property.


Inspection 5:

The final inspection will be completed by a building code official. If everything passes the inspection, the inspector will then issue a C.O, or certificate of occupancy. If the inspector has found anything defective, they will need to do a follow up inspection to make certain the issues have been addressed and corrected.


10. The Final Walkthrough:

Once the home is complete, the home builder will contact you to schedule a walkthrough. This is when they take the time to walk you through the home and get you familiar with all the features and the operations of different components and systems. The builder will address how you need to maintain the home in order to comply with the home warranty. If you notice anything that needs to be fixed, this is the time to point it out to the builder and they will have the appropriate contractor back on site to make the repair. Pay close attention to floors, walls, counters, fixtures, and appliances for any damage. Once you move in, it is too late to bring this to the attention of your builder.

Advice About Inspections:
During the construction of the home, there will be several periodic inspections that are designed to catch potential problems in their early stages. This makes them much easier to identify and address, rather than you finding these issues after you move in the home. In addition to the code compliance inspections that are mandatory, your builder is going to perform their own quality checks during designated points in the building process.

Ask your builder if you are permitted to be present during certain inspections with or without the real estate agent. This is a unique opportunity to get to see what is behind your walls, giving you a chance to see how everything works before the walls go up. If you are hiring your own inspector, notify the builder before construction begins.

You should never show up to the building site unannounced during construction. The best advice is to arrange a visit with your builder. Most builders do frequent walk-throughs with homeowners so you are brought up to speed on the home building process.