A Step-by-Step Guide to the Home Building Process on Maui

guide to home building process on maui


A Step-by-Step Guide to the Home Building Process on Maui

These are some of the things you can expect throughout the major stages of construction.

When you are completely aware of how the home building process works, the building of your new Maui home can be very exciting. This outline is going to go into detail and cover all the steps involved during a typical Maui home construction so that you are kept informed throughout all the key stages.

You must be aware that the home building process is going to vary with different builders. Also, if you are having an elaborate custom home built, this process can be very different. It is very important that you inquire with your builder about specific procedures and policies.

1. Site Preparation & Foundation Pour:

The site preparation and the pouring of the foundation are usually completed by the same crew, except in the case of wooded lots. This will require a crew that will work the bulldozer and backhoe, who are responsible for clearing and removing trees, rocks, and debris for the septic system and the house. This crew will then be responsible for leveling the surrounding area so the wooden forms can be put up. This wooden template serves as the house foundation. The crew will dig trenches and holes for the footings. This is the time that the crew will dig a well if you are having one installed.

If your new home is going to have a basement, this is when the hole will be dug, the pouring of the footings, and then the foundation will be formed and then poured. If the home will be built on a slab, the footings will need to be dug, then formed, and then poured. The area is completely leveled and then the utility runs are fitted. These will typically be your electrical chases and plumbing drains.


When the concrete is poured into the trenches and holes, it needs time to completely cure. While the curing is taking place, no further activity is going to be taking place on the construction site. Once the builder feels the concrete is completely cured, a crew will be brought in to apply a waterproof membrane to the walls of the foundation, install sewer, water traps, and drains, including any additional plumbing going into the first floor of the home. They will then back fill the dirt that was excavated in those holes and trenches surrounding the foundation wall.

Inspection 1:

Once the curing process has been completed, an inspector from the city will visit the home site and make certain all the components of the foundation are installed correctly and up to code. Depending on the type of the foundation installed (basement, crawl space, slab), the inspection may be repeated. Once inspection is complete, the builder will have the crew remove forms and will coordinate the framing phase, step 2.

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