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Maui Home Construction Contract Checklist

  Maui Home Construction Contract Checklist Things to Include in Your Construction Contract If you do not want to have any regrets on your Maui custom home construction project, then you must pay close attention to your contract. Here are things to consider if you want a solid construction contract. Consider the Price – You […]

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Tips to Build on Your Maui Lot (Continued)

(This is page 2 of a 2 part article. To go to page 1, please click here.) Designing the Ideal Home for Your Lot Many of the construction companies that specialize in building on their clients’ lots have libraries of premade floor plans. An existing plan may be perfectly suited for what you have in […]

Tips to Build on Your Maui Lot

Prospective Maui homeowners often find the idea of choosing the land and building a home to be an appealing one, which is understandable. Many Maui homebuyers have a dream home in mind, and that dream home includes the property on which it is located; it also includes the designing and construction of the home. Homeowners […]

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